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26 October 2009

5-HTP update...

Ok - so I just wanted to post a very quick update.
I started taking the 5-HTP on Thursday evening. I really didn't sleep that night - but I didn't expect it to work THAT fast...

Friday night & Ssaturday night - WOW! I actually slept through most of the night!

Sunday night was decent - but I woke up around 5 a.m. that I remember...

I don't know if I'd say i've had an AWESOME night's sleep the last 3...but I can tell you it was NOT broken up by me tossing and turning and waking up at 2, 4, 6...that I can remember - and THAT is saying a lot! :D

I am still just going to keep taking 100 mg for now - and maybe in a week and a half, after being on it for 2 weeks I might up it to two 200 mg pills.

But so far so good!

I would like to also add in L-Tyrosine for the focus issues...but we'll see. I REALLY need to cut down on spending $$. :P

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