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25 October 2009

wow...THIS is what eating FAT has done to me...

Ok - so I went clothes shopping today. I've been "putting it off" mainly because we really don't have the extra $$$ to spend - BUT honestly I've only got like 2 pair of dress pants that even fit me any more - as all the rest are getting HUGE on me. Not that I'm complaining - but we just haven't had the $$$ to buy new clothes (and probably didn't today, but I'll figure it out - lol).

Anyways - I went to Kohl's and they were having their usual "lowest prices of the season" sale (you know - the one they have EVERY week, lol)...

I took this picture of me in a pair of SIZE 10 - yes I said SIZE 10!!!! slacks! and this AWESOME button down shirt while in the dressing room.

Normally I do NOT wear button down shirts because they don't lay right and the buttons always tend to "buckle out" and just don't look right because of my darned wide shoulders...but I bought this one because - if I do say so myself - it looked FABULOUS!!!

Now - here's my comparison shots...
Me - now - today - Sunday October 25, 2009 - 165 lbs


Me - beginning shot - January 03, 2009 - 197 lbs

Seriously THIS is what eating FAT has done to me?!!! It just kills me to think - WHY didn't I do this sooner??!!! I wasted YEARS of eating low-fat JUNK FOOD and never enough calories - always trying to do what "they" say to do...and yet I could NOT lose the weight...yet now I'm doing the OPPOSITE of what the gov't and the "food pyramid" says - I'm eating LOTS of yummy healthy for you FAT - yes even SATURATED fat. I do NOT eat grains (c'mon 6 servings a day???!!!!!!) - I eat TONS of red meat - and THIS is what it's done for me!!! :D

Who knew that actually EATING REAL food with FAT in it and NOT micromanaging every morsal of food that went into my mouth could do this?! lol. :D

It really is amazing. I will NEVER go back to ANY other way of eating EVER again! :D

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