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23 October 2009

The Diet Cure / Mood Cure pt 2

Ok - so I have these books at home and I KNOW I'm going to have to order them off of amazon!

I'm a few chapters into the Diet Cure and it just makes SO much sense! Right now I'm only taking the 5-HTP. I got it yesterday in the mail and took one 100 mg pill last night around 5.

I think it was making me feel in a good mood last night - but that coulda just been placebo affect. lol

I didn't sleep at all last night - but I never do...I'm sure it'll take a while for it to really work into my system to get the sleep-thing goin' better. :D

Plus - I'm thinking I'll take 100 mg /day for the next two weeks then up it to 200 if I don't feel any different after two weeks.

But seriously - these books are just awesome. I think, too, I might look into L-Tyrosine in the future (for the focus thing) but not til after I completely finish these books and decide whether or not I truly need it.

that is all for now. later!

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