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10 November 2009

Sleep Study...

Ok - so I was talking with a friend here at work who just completed a sleep study. My fiance has told me before he thinks I should do one - and now, after talking with this friend and hearing about her experience with it - I am definitely going to talk to my doc next month about doing one.

My insomnia is just getting worse and worse. I've tried melatonin (only works sometimes) - I've tried valerian (again, only works sometimes) - of course I've tried over the counter sleep aids...I even tried last night to have a glass of wine before bed - which yes, it worked a little - but I do NOT want to get into the habit of having to have a glass of alcohol every night just to sleep!

Plus - this has been going on for just too damn long. YEARS if not decades! Something else she mentioned was "restless leg syndrome" which I have honestly thought about being a possibility before. I toss and turn SO much in the middle of the night I've drop-kicked my cat and dog off the bed without realizing it and I'm afraid of punching my fiance in the head in the middle of the night!!

So yeah - I've GOT to do something about this because A. I know that not sleeping can affect weight loss, B. I know that my not sleeping affects my mood at work and how I treat others... and C. damnit - I just want some sleep!!!!!!

so yeah. well that's all for now!

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  1. MMMMMhhhmmm. You should do it. It changed my life. The assumption because of my weight was that I had sleep apnea- the suprise was that I didn't, and in fact had Narcolepsy. With the proper treatment I have been able to start working towards my goals for the first time in fifteen years.

    Whatever the problem is- insomnia, apnea, etc. YOU can be empowered by knowing how to treat it. Good luck.