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04 January 2009

Beginning of Day 2 of Induction

Well, I posted before/after pics of how I look at this moment in time - January 04, 2009.

I know it's not AWEFUL - but I'm NOT happy with it either. :(

I HAVE been 160 before and I WILL get there again!  I've been reading Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution and it's honestly made me cry a few times. Everything it's said so far (and I'm only on chapter 5!!) but EVERYTHING it has said so far just totally hits home and makes perfect sense.

Sugar - High carb foods - all of those things were what was KEEPING me fat - when I have been taught my whole life that FAT is the culprit. I really want to believe what the book says that FAT isn't the enemy but SUGAR and CARBS (bad carbs that is - white flour, rice, etc...)

As I've posted before - I consider myself a "professional weight loser" - I've tried different diets and I've lost and gained so much weight I've honest to god lost count! This time it WILL be different. I'm very excited - very motivated - and above all COMMITTED!!!

It will be difficult at times, and I know that - but damnit - SOMETHING has to change!

Yesterday - Day 1 of induction went pretty good...I only had 18 carbs total :) We even went out for dinner and I had myself a 12 oz ribeye (and OH so yummy) - and I asked the waiter for some A1 sauce - not knowing the carbs/sugar in it - and when I got it - I saw that it was 3 carbs/2g sugar per TBSP. and ya know what I did? I put it to the side of the table with the bread basket (and didn't touch the bread either!!!!!!!) And - in all honesty - a PART of me WAS tempted - but nope I didn't do it.

It's just so funny that the ONE eating plan I myself have said along with the masses is "sooo unhealthy" is the one I truly believe WILL make me healthy! I'm a total convert!!!!

Again - a lot of it is the book. It just makes total and complete sense.

One thing he says, (duh) is: "When you control your intake of refined carbohydrates, you avoid the foods that caused you to be fat."

I've come to realize that the low-fat high-carb diets I've always done - while they worked for a while, and I did lose weight, - has done more damage than good. I've literally "dieted myself fat".

No more though. That's not to say that in the future I'll never have another baked potato or sushi roll - but I won't be eating them on a regular basis - and when/if I do eat them again it will be a very controlled decision - not just an every day (or weekly or even monthly) thing.

Shoot - my wedding is in a year and a half - and I WILL be enjoying the cake I get. BUT I won't eat every bite I can get near either. And who knows - maybe by then I won't even LIKE sugar.? :)

Well anyways - today is Day 2 of Induction and I did GREAT with my breakfast - and even got in some vegees!! I've never done that - even on weight watchers!
I made scrambled eggs with 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 1 tbsp cream - then I wilted spinach and added that - then put some cheese on top. :) it was YUMMMMY!

I've also been making my jimmy dean turkey sausage in the skillet instead of the microwave and let me tell you - the extra little bit of fat from the butter OH MY GOD makes it soooo much better! :)

Well - I'm off to make my grocery list for the week. More to come later!

Here is my before/after pic today:

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