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07 January 2009

Day 4 Induction (a day late)

Well it's actually the morning of Day 5 of my Induction phase, but I needed to write about yesterday.

Yesterday I did NOT have my sugar-free red bull at lunch. :(
I was seriously feeling the caffiene withdrawal and was EXHAUSTED during the afternoon, went home and took a nap before dinner. I'm going to go ahead and have one - once a day - and see if it hinders my weight loss.

One AWESOME thing, however - that I've noticed now after only 4 days of NO sugar NO carbs - I've not had ANY issues like I have had in the past few months, as far as right after a meal ending up in the bathroom for 45 minutes! :) Even Dan, my fiance, noticed it last night - commenting that I haven't been sick in a few days. It's AWESOME!!!

Yesterday - I had probably a few more carbs that I should have at dinner. Dan made his awesome broccoli/flank steak stir fry - which the broccoli is good - red pper - good - flank steak great - and even the 3 tbsp soy sauce (3 g carbs total spread throughout the entire thing) not horrible...the issue was that he used the juice of 3 oranges...I don't know how to count that so I didn't. :(

Oh well though - it's a new day and I DIDN'T eat the rice he made with it (for himself)...

Part of me really wanted something sweet yesterday, but I overcame the urge and when I got home I had one of the cream cheese clouds I made with sugar free/calorie free kaluah syrup. :)

And even though I know that I DO really like sugar and I LOVE chocolate - it's NOT worth it. I know it's not. I know that one day I probably will eat sugar and/or chocolate again but it will be a very conscious decision and not just in passing.

Well I'm off to update my food intake! :)

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