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08 January 2009

Day 5 of Induction (a day late)

Well, it is morning of Day 6. Yesterday - Day 5 of Induction went fairly well. :)

I DO feel like I'm eating a little too many carbs right now (I'm averaging about 25) - so I'm going to really have to research this week and see what's easiest to take to work with me in my lunch bag for snacks.

Last night, when I got home - I let Jillian Michaels kick my butt! I really LOVE the DVD that Dan bought me (Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred) and I also have Bob's Biggest Loser Yoga - along with a TON of old videos as well. I think, though, I may buy some more of Jillian's non-biggest loser stuff. She works you OUT! Plus - I have to remind myself something she says in her 30 day shred "I've got 400 pound people who can do jumping jacks - so I KNOW you can do it too!"

I must say - 6 days now of being SUGAR and WHITE FLOUR free - my body feels great!

I don't think I'm losing anything yet - but I really think that won't truly start happening until I start REALLY exercising again.

I have an appointment with a trainer tonight (the "free" analysis they give you at gyms) - so hopefully he can really show me some stuff to do. Course, he's also supposed to go over "nutrition" with me - and I told him when we first met that I'm doing Atkins and he looked appalled - even when I told him that my DOCTOR was the one who TOLD me to do Atkins. But then I felt I needed to justify it even more and I told him, "well, I DO have Insulin Resistance." And he was like, "oh, well I guess that makes sense.". Ok whatever. You're not here to tell me how to eat - ONLY how to exercise. Plus I'm going to tell him, "what's healthier, eating a low-fat, high carb diet that keeps me HUNGRY all the time and the carbs/sugar constantly raising my insulin levels, which in turns turns into fat and gets stored in my body - OR eating just a bit more fat than "normal" and NOT eating ANY sugar or white flour or anything like that which will SPIKE my insulin levels, which again - in turn, turns into fat and gets stored in my body - or the fat, which gets burned off because the body has nothing else TO burn. :)"

So we'll see. I'll post tomorrow about tonight's experience.

Well, TTYL!

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