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08 January 2009

Day 6 of Induction

Well - I have now officially been sugar free, white flour free and alcohol free for 6 full days - and I feel FABULOUS!!!!!

Now - granted, it hasn't been extremely easy - but it hasn't been that hard either. :)

Tonight, however, was definitely a test of my will. We went to buffalo wild wings - which is a normal thursday night meal for us...(every other thursday maybe?) and NORMALLY I'd get 8 boneless (breaded) wings in medium sauce with a basket of buffalo chips (fries) and a tall Michelob Ultra.
And then I'd go home and be sick for a couple hours in the bathroom. :( But I'd always tell myself it was worth it cuz it was soooooo yummy.

Well - tonight we had to get it to go and brought it home. I got 1 black and blue burger and a chicken caesar salad!!! :) the burger was OHHHHHHH so yummy - and I threw out the bun and didn't touch ONE fry that it came with (gave those to Dan).

I was very satisfied - it was VERY yummy and I'm good to go. :)

I also bought some ketone strips today and it says right now I'm "small" in ketosis. Which is good. :)

I also went ahead and bought a multi-vitamin as I realized that now I am getting NO calcium in my diet and I'm afraid I may be losing other vitamins as well. So it's a women's one-a-day multi vitamin. :)

I had my "analysis" at the gym tonight - and yeahhhh. well he worked my legs out - which was great - but then, of course, he tried selling me a full training package. Which - if I HAD 2 grand to waste then I'd totally do it - but yeah no. I'll figure it out on my own.

But anyways - I still can't believe it's been 6 days and I'm SUGAR - WHITE FLOUR - and ALCOHOL free! Here's to another 6!! :)

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