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09 January 2009

morning of Day 7 of Induction...grr :(

Ok - so it's Day 7 of inductin and while I am SO happy that I've now been sugar free and white flour free for 1 full week (YAY ME!!) - it's frustrating because I got on the scale today and it said (first off) - 195.5. My starting weight last Friday was 196.

Then, I got back on the scale with nothing on and it said 194. :)

But still - that's ONLY 2 pounds (if that's even right)...

Of ourse, however, TOM is coming today - so I want to blame having not lost anything on TOM.

But I REFUSE to quit!! I LOVE knowing that I'm white flour and sugar free. It feels AWESOME!

But it is extremely frustrating....

I think I plan on - for this second week of induction to:
a. drink only regular water - give up my sparkling water for the week :(
b. for my salads use only oil & vinigar (no processed dressings).
c. exercise at least 4 x at 30 minutes each.

I WILL and CAN do this!

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