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05 January 2009

End of Day 3 Induction

So today was good. I had about 20 g carbs. I am in the process of downloading the podcasts of "Livin La Vida Lowcarb" - I listened to them all day at work and there's still a TON more to go!

I'm really liking the atkins plan though (yeah i know - me - i can't believe i'm saying that! lol) - but it SERIOUSLY makes sense. I've grown up and it's been ingrained in my head that fat is the enemy and carbs aren't bad...when - in reality it's the total opposite!

I've come to realize that all the low-fat high-carb diets I've followed - I've literally "dieted myself fat". That is just rediculous.

So we will see! The scale isn't really showing anything yet - but it's only been 3 days. I need to put my scale away and be patient. :)

More to come!

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