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05 July 2009

The Next Two Weeks...

Ok - so the next two weeks are:

#1 - My last two weeks as a Desktop Publisher, as I've been promoted to Technical Administrator!!


#2 - The two weeks before my ear surgery. My doctor has advised me to stop taking all herbal supplements including my flax and fish oils & multi-vitamins. (I'm having a mastoidechtomy & tympanoplasty done on my right ear drum on July 21)...

SO. I have decided. Since I've NOT been counting my carbs for the past few months and really just been "eating healthy" as I've learned to do on Atkins...I am going to make a two week journal. First off - since this is my last two weeks as an hourly employee - which means once I'm salary, I'll no longer be paid for overtime - I DO plan on working as much overtime as I can.
AND - as I mentioned in a few posts back, I have placed my gym membership on hold...
I'm going to - for the next two weeks - take up pilates & yoga in my basement. I will work out 5 days a week for the next two weeks (10 days total). I am also moving up to the beans & legumes rung of atkins (rung 6).

AND I am putting my scale AWAY for the next two weeks.
I weighed in yesterday morning at 170 lbs exactly and that is my starting point for this two week experiment.

I will blog more later!

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