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25 August 2009

My 30th birthday.

Ok - so as I posted, I am turning 30 on August 29th. I HAD planned on inviting a bunch of friends out to go to Dave & Busters ON the 29th.

Well...this past saturday (the 22nd) - my best friend and I planned to go out for lunch and then to see a movie. We went to Ruby Tuesdays and then saw The Time Traveler's Wife (FABULOUS movie, btw...)

I thought my fiance was going to be going fishing - as that's what he said his plans were for the day.

So I'm driving home from the movie and texting my fiance, telling him how great the movie was - and he asked me to park in front of the house, instead of on the side in the driveway, like I normally do.

So I did - whatever - didn't even think about it...walk in and SURPRISE!!!!!! He threw me a surprise birthday party! All of my friends and my parents were there. It was AWESOME!

Now, I had already planned that ON my birthday I was not going to care about low-carb and enjoy myself with foods I normally wouldn't eat.

So - since this was my birthday, I enjoyed myself immensly on saturday. They got me an INCREDIBLE cake - "Rent", "Wicked" and "Cats" on it. And it was my FAVORITE - red velvet.

I also had a few brownies, cookies, chips, etc...we went out that night and I had a long island iced tea and a real beer (not my low-carb beer lol)

It was great - I had an incredible time.

The next morning (sunday) I got on the scale and was 6 pounds up! ack! but I knew why (obviously) and was ok with it. I got RIGHT back on track and monday morning I was already down 2 (up a total of 4)...

This morning (Tuesday) I'm still up those 4 - so I am putting that as my weight right now.

Thing is though - while I enjoyed myself very much - I realized that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE eating low-carb. I couldn't WAIT to get back to my fatty foods! lol

Seriously though - I know that I can NEVER go back to the way I used to eat. I enjoy my new lifestyle WAY too much.

so yeah - that is my "confession". No one is perfect (although I'm damn close! lol) I enjoyed my birthday and I am now back to my regularly scheduled program!

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  1. Happy Be-lated Birthday and glad you enjoyed your day. Mine is next week and I too plan on an off plan day but I think I will skip the weighing in to avoid the depression LOL