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14 September 2009

Off Topic: Very Sad Day...

Well - I thought today was actually a good day - as my mom called me this morning and told me my brother, who was hit by the economy like everyone else - has been unemployed for MONTHS - almost this entire year...finally got a job! I've been praying for him to get one (specially since he and his wife have a 1 year old). I was so very happy!!

But now.Today. 14 September 2009 - Patrick Swazye passed away from cancer at the age of 57. :(

I absolutely LOVED Dirty Dancing and hands down it is my absolute most favorite movie of ALL time. I know it by heart (literally used to be able to recite every word)...and have honest to god seen it THOUSANDS of times...I used to watch it and keep it on repeat (once I got the DVD, lol)

I remember the very first time I saw it, I was 8 years old. I was spending the night at my aunt's house - who was already a huge Patrick Swayze fan (as I was 8 but she was in her late 30's...). My mom told me I was way too young to watch it - but Aunt Linda brought it home (on VHS of course) and hooked up the two vcr's together to tape it for me...and I had that VHS copy until I broke it from watching it too many times! (probably when I was 18 or so...) and I bought the original DVD when it first came out - then I bought the special edition DVD too. And I even bought the Dirty Dancing 2 movie (which wasn't too bad)...but Patrick was in it.

I almost feel like a part of my childhood is gone now. :(

I know he has been very sick though, and I am happy that he is no longer in pain. Very sad day indeed.

Rest in peace, Johnny Castle. :)

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